ICCS 6 – practical information


The ICCS 6 will be held in Pune (India), on 11 – 13 February, 2020. The conference venue is the Meghdoot Auditorium at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pashan, Pune.

Accomodation and transportation

The distance between Pune and Mumbai is roughly 150 km; IITM will provide a bus transfer from Mumbai to Pune.
Further information on transport and accommodation will be announced shortly.

Side events

Side events are planned for the shoulder days ahead and after the conference, 10 and 14 February; more information will soon be made available. If you plan to organise a side event, please reach out via climateservices@iri.columbia.edu.


An outcome document is envisaged to be produced to summarize conference proceedings. It will be kept for the record and used to inform broader public. The outcome document will be published by the co-organizers through their web-sites.

Registration of participants

Online registration is required for those wishing to participate. A conference information and registration desk will be set up close to the meeting rooms to facilitate the registration of participants and provide general information. Registration will open on 11 February and will continue throughout the event. At the time of registration, participants will receive identification badges which should be worn throughout the sessions.


In view of the visa requirements, early application for visa documents is recommended. Please use this form in the process of visa application – more information will soon be provided.
In case of further questions, please send an email to climateservices@iri.columbia.edu.

List of participants

A provisional list of participants will be uploaded on the session website shortly after the beginning of the meeting.


The local currency is the Indian rupee (INR). The average exchange rate is as follows:
1 EUR = 79 INR
1 USD = 70 INR

Health requirements/medical services

Up-to-date information on international travel and health requirements are provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) at the following websites:
It is strongly recommended that you take out personal travel insurance (with health insurance cover) for the duration of the trip.

Electricity and mobile phone connection

Power systems are generally 230 volts and 50 Hz. A power adapter may be necessary.Participants are advised to bring their own plug adapters in order to use Indian power sockets. Information on the appropriate plugs may be found on the Internet (for example, at http://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/typeJ.htm)

Local climate in February

February average daily high is 33 degree Celsius and average daily low is 13 degree Celsius. Evenings are generally pleasent with warm dry and hot during noons.

Use of mobile telephones

Participants are kindly reminded that, as a courtesy to their colleagues, their mobile telephones should be muted upon entry to the conference room. Participants are requested to hold phone conversations outside of the conference rooms.

Working language

ICCS 6 will be held in English only.