ICCS 6 Pre-registration

The ICCS 6 will be hosted by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology in Pune from 11 – 13 February 2020. Expanding the successful conference series of ICCSs, the conference is expected to draw approximately 300 participants. It will convene, and continue to develop, the communities of practice associated with the Global Framework for Climate Services and the Climate Services Partnership. It will engage regionally and internationally as a means to further develop connections between and among the range of climate services communities, including those based at national and regional meteorological services, national and local governments, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, private sectors actors, and elsewhere.

Overarching goals of the ICCS 6:

  • taking stock of current practice;
  • identifying remaining gaps and opportunities for enhanced regional collaboration in order to ensure improved climate services uptake;
  • articulating priorities and seeking relevant institutional arrangements to sustain and scale up the ongoing national and regional efforts related to production and delivery of climate services.

The shoulder days before and after the conference days are planned for side events.

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