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International Conference Climate Services 2

About the Conference

Climate variability affects many aspects of life. Departures from seasonal rhythms can mean the difference between feast and famine, health and disease, even life and death. More often and more subtly, climate fluctuations contribute to slight variations in profit and loss.

In this context, learning to better manage climate-related risk is a priority for many segments of society. By providing timely, tailored, decision-relevant information to those who need it, climate services help societies to cope with current climate variability and build resilience to future change.

Over the last four decades, the provision of climate services has evolved from an almost exclusively governmental function to one carried out by a combination of federal, state, and local government agencies, the private sector, and academia. This change toward a more diversified climate service enterprise has improved and diversified climate services, but it has also raised questions about the proper roles of the various sectors and the potential for actual or perceived competition.

ICCS 2 explored these issues while paying special attention to gaps and opportunities related to the private sector, which has made many valuable contributions to the climate service enterprise. These contributions include satisfying user needs for specialized products, collecting local data to supplement national networks, and ensuring the widest possible dissemination of watches, warnings, and advisories.

ICCS 2 was held in Brussels, Belguim in September, 2012; it was held in conjunction with the Climate Services Partnership.

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